My name is Catherine and I am the founder and CEO of SoYoung. and I made 500 diaper bags that I couldn’t sell. This is My Work Through Failure Story. It all began when I became a new mom. I had an idea that came to me for a product. I’d find myself often holding this crying baby, being at my front door, digging through my purse trying to find these keys. And I can’t find anything. As soon as I get it open of course I throw the keys right back into the bag and it happens over and over again. That was the inspiration when I designed my first product, which was a diaper bag that had all these organizational features built into it. I’d never designed a product in my life, and I draw out this bag on a piece of cardboard to get a sense of what kind of size that I’m going for. I cut it out and I draw out the features that I want and I have this very crude representation and I took it to my seamstress, who did my wedding dress and I basically said “Can you make me a bag out of this paper pattern?” Within a couple weeks I am holding something that could become a bag, and that was my first sample. I talked about this idea non-stop. One person was like “I know someone who might know somebody.” So then I would follow up with that person. I got led to a bag maker in Montreal. He was a character, a chain smoker. When I would meet with him he would be sitting there talking to me and chain smoking. I asked him if he would make me 20 more. What I didn’t realize was that he was also chain smoking when he sewed my 20 samples. [laughter] I get this big box delivered and I open it up immediatly the smell of cigarettes comes out of this box. Oh my god of course. It didn’t feel like it was the end of the world or anything but it was certainly a little bit embarassing. It took me two years to find a manufacturer in China. There was a broker that I was dealing with who was the colleague of a friend of mine. It was my understanding that uh this broker was um vetting the factory and going to visit the factory and looking at the production and the samples. And I ordered 500 bags. Put the rest of the money into the production run and that was it. Wait for five months and they finally get delivered. I rip the first box open when I take it out of the packaging I realize the top of the bag had a panel that was supposed to be sewn this way and it was sewn in reverse. And I thought, ok this a mistake. Every single one of them is like that. All of this work. All of these years of going back and forth and this idea that I had all in this moment. And all the money, I’ve spent all this money. It was a terrible moment. It was a moment where I thought it was over. I email and the factory wrote me back saying “We’ve never met the broker.” The broker never came to the factory. So I’m pacing around my living room walking in circles. I’m in shock. The miracle that saved me, my friend in Toronto who referred me to this broker they had a strong relationship, they were friends and he knew that I knew that he had lied to me. He made good to me and he reached into his own pockets and he paid for another production run. The process of having a business has taught me whatever is in front of me that seems so challenging all I need to do is ask for help. Ask anyone and everyone for help. And know that it’s going to be ok. That it might seem like the end of the world at that moment, but that in hindsight, it’s always just a blip on the radar. Hi I’m Alex and I have a confession to make. I have failed many many times. And so have you. And that is why I produced this WTF story. So that you and I can feel a little bit less alone. So if you want to learn more about founders who have overcome their challenges and worked through their failures be sure to like this video, subscribe, and hit the bell to turn on our notifications.