Good morning, I’m Steve Elkins, I’m one of the owners of WEBS and I’m here in our Easthampton Warehouse. It’s the end of March and that means two things, first, our brutal New England winter is finally coming to an end and the snow is melting. It also means that we’re getting ready for our 41st Anniversary Sale, which starts on Wednesday April 1st. It’s the only time of year when we put regularly priced yarns on sale, almost 50 of them, and you’ll find some of our most popular yarns on sale for the month of April. Yarns like Cascade 220 Superwash, which is our most popular 100% wool superwash yarn. It’s on sale for $7.39 in over 60 colors. Plymouth Encore is our most popular yarn It’s acrylic wool, machine wash, machine dry blend and it’s on sale for $4.19 in over 80 colors. Cascade 220 is just simply that It’s one of our most popular yarns, it’s a staple, it’s 100% wool and it’s on sale for $6.29 in a huge pallette For Valley Yarns lovers, you’ll find our Deerfield alpaca silk blend on sale for just $4.89, it’s a great value you’ll want to try that one. If you wanted something a little bit more exotic, how about prism yarns delicato? This hand dyed tencel lace weight is on sale for only $21.00. Weavers will find our incredibly popular 8/2 Tencel on sale for just $18.29 a pound. 3/2 and 5/2 Valley Cotton are both on sale for $16.79 a cone in over 70 colors. For knitters we have six different Knitter’s Pride sets on sale including the ever popular dreamz set for $69.99 which is over 20% off its regular price. We look forward to seeing you, it means the snow is melting and you’ll find great values on some of our most popular yarns here at WEBS. Thanks and have a great day.