Hello, welcome back, my name is Amanda Christensen
with Utah State University Extension. You can tell I am not in my normal filming
studio today. I am traveling for work, but still wanted
to get a video up. As I’m filming this, it is Cyber Monday,
and whether you spend a lot of time shopping online, or only just a little, the recommendations
are the same for keeping your personal financial information safe and shopping at only places
that are legitimate businesses. First and foremost, be careful who you choose
to give your online business to. If you’re not sure that a company looks
legit, or that they are a safe place, safe place to shop, you can check them out at the
better business bureau.org at bbb.org and find more information about their company,
about their business, for good and for bad at that website, so that’s a tool I would
use. Second: use a safe payment method. Do not shop online with a debit card. Use a credit card that has a lot more security
measures and makes you liable for a lot less should somebody online get ahold of your information. Third, go right to the source of the website
where you’re buying. Don’t click through an email to get to the
website. Something on social media that you find and
see that looks enticing. Go right to the website instead, and then
find the item from there. That just ensures that you’re actually at
the actual website instead of a phishing or some kind of scam that’s just trying to
get you to enter personal information and then steal that information. Finally before you ever enter your credit
card number into a site to pay for anything online, make sure you see in the address bar
of the browser, https://. So the s isn’t always there, but it should
be at the time that you go to enter in your credit card information, just telling you
that that site is secure and has the right qualifications, the right precautions to protect
your private information. These tips have been a good reminder for me,
and I hope they can be for you as you’re shopping online, anytime, especially this
time of year. Be sure to check the description box below
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me on social media, or leave a comment below, letting me know what kind of content you would
like to see or if there are any questions you have, I would love to do my best to answer
them. Thanks for watching, I’m Amanda Christensen
with Utah State University Extension. We’ll see you next time, bye.