As a fashion editor, I’m constantly looking for all the latest trends. I’ll go to fashion shows during fashion week and that’ll give me a lot of inspiration. Living in New York City, I get inspiration just by walking down the street everyday. I love to shop curated lists like Macy’s It List. They’re predicting that fall florals will be a really big trend this season. I’m a small business owner. I’m going to meetings everyday and and I love to feel confident and strong in my look. Depending on my mood, I just like to let that determine how I dress. I feel like florals definitely make a bold statement on my femininity. Florals can do whatever you want them to. They can be romantic, they can be edgy. They’re a great way to kind of make a statement and do something a little different with your look. Florals typically don’t really fit into my lifestyle. I’m not an overly feminie dresser which is why this outfit is really perfect for me ’cause its a mix of a powerful menswear blazer vibe with soft florals. I love this emerald green It’s kind of acts like a neutral with the rest of your wardrobe. It goes with really everything. I love to layer a jacket over a floral dress to tone down the print a little bit, add a sleek boot to it, add some fun earrings. Just some subtle ways to make the print pop but without being too loud. It’s something I can wear day or night and to the office or out on the weekend. I chose this pop of color, floral dress and then this bold statement earring and then some chic sock boots and then a nice red purse to tie it all together It makes me feel like I stand out and I love standing out. The biggest key to pulling off a look is putting your confidence on first and then own it. I would define confidence as just fearlessly being yourself. Fashion is just a way of expressing myself everyday and presenting myself to the world in a way that makes me feel confident and ready to take on anything.