yeah! viewers we meet again huh! I am together with …? sabila jewel viewers ..! so the face is like a jewel of viewers1 oh oh oh .. !!! so later I will interview him because this is a single hit! hits !! viewers His single hits, Madam Sabila Jewels one name say yes, uh … to the viewers of Wakak TV yes…..! what is this according to Ms. Sabila what kind of song is this the song is like telling a story the feeling of a woman okeh …! who is having flowers with his new partner oh, I see…! viewers .. !! like the one delivered by the sabila mbak this song tells about? yeah! he said ‘! viewers … viewers! yes, no problem! What was the story of Ms. Sabila? sounds again … !! let’s just reset it !! no problem! yes! So this song … tells what is Ms. Sabila …? a woman … who, like … just got a lover … flowered again like that oh .. flowering huh … like ciplukan flowers huh? owh … viewers. !! so! so’! … the heart of a woman’s feelings of flowering. because getting a new lover …! ideal heart … yes! so there is a dream heart beetle huh! don’t be mistaken for viewers! not ideal kinjeng huh! but, … ideal dream beetle hna this is the poem! olwright .. !! yes … like that. hah mbak sabila! This is the first hit single, Madam Sabila. what hope do you try? hopefully it can … eh! newest single …! hopefully it can … be accepted … well in the community. can also … have a positive impact on the community! positive…!! What is the positive meaning of this mother? like … ?? laugh at viewers! You have to be clear about this, how positive is it to try …? in the world, … Indonesian dangdut music …? so that I can … meng …? What the heck..?? innovate … belated viewers! repeat again why ?? innovating songwriters. also for singers … so they can work more olwright … agree to the viewers huh! so that was the hope, Madam Sabila, gem! he is still easy, beautiful, beautiful, has the potential to have extraordinary talent. so this song really is … very suitable for him huh1 Well..! later you can see it … on Wakak TV! later it can be watched on youtube branda! Don porget viewers .. yes! yes … the battery runs out You’ve run out, Sis! miss..! but it doesn’t matter … it still works! ‘ okay viewers … look forward to the original (One Name) video clip from mbak sabila permata! will soon be available and released !! with the song mbak viona, the song is mbak mega, the song is mbak putri ananta, mbak natasya … then my song viewer ..! yes … don’t forget … yes! statune on waakwak tv! then later you can … the link below! try to deliver to viewers of Wakak TV. SUB..!! what about … ??? SUBCREBB … SUBSCRIBE … wakwak tv channel iyak .. that’s it !! because if I say that it’s a bit of a viewer, huh? ssbsss sss subss !!! like koment too …! It’s like that, keep on supporting ya Sabila! so that the single explodes! around the world.! chest … thanks.