Hi I am Cymye and today I will talk about the ban on google and Huawei today I will teach you how to install google apps on mobile from huawei in my case this one is the Huawei P30 Pro but you may be using same method to install on other devices. And for those who don’t know yet about this bullshit we had between the united states, google ban and everything else access card on top for you to know about it if you try to install google apps on this phone here you will even be able to install the apps themselves but they open and close cannot work because they are not allowed to work on these handsets so it is very important that you follow step by step the methods i’ll be teaching today and before anyone complains here of my little Trump, okay, yeah I won here today super cute will say that it is not funny and so it will be part of my video today, it has no nothing against the United States and not against Trump, I just found it super cool! It is not? good so let’s learn how to install the apps there the first thing i’m going to turn on the phone here i’m going to show you that it’s a totally new phone you can see that it is zeroed good The first thing you have to do is access the links that I will leave on sign up on the Huawei link, download and install HiSuite then you go to the second low link and unzip the applications from google and Lz play after HiSuite is installed on your computer you open this app and the next thing you need to do is connect your phone via cable to your computer so you connect will pop up a message you click transfer the file and then ask if you allow HiSuite to use hdb you puts on allow. There on the computer will appear a message you click to confirm after you confirm will change the screen there and he will ask if you allow HiSuite to install the app on your phone and then you click ok. To be able to connect the two together you will go to your phone open the HiSuite app and there you will click and there will see that a number will appear that number you have you type on your computer when you finish typing, you go there and click connect and after that you go to restore and then he will ask you install a backup this backup we will not use in this installation but it’s good to have it stored on your computer this backup time will depend on how much file you have in your cell phone ending here you go upstairs and have to put in edit and then you look for that lz play folder, we download before and then you find in the backup folder you click ok and then you just come here in restore and then put the password like this to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then it is very fast for you click ok he will make a process very quickly will be with the client and this first part we already finished now we need to open our Huawei you go from the computer find the cell phone enter it and then we let’s get it and let’s put those google apps that we want install on mobile you can put in any folder but in my case I will put them here in the downloads folder then you just open that folder you downloaded the google applications copy everything and paste into that download folder of your phone what we needed to do on computer we already finished good now on mobile we have to is here in the files folder i will click here to agree and then then i go here i have to look for that downloads folder where we we put all the google apps Finding the folder you install all the applications one by one finishing installing all the applications you will notice that they will appear here after super easy you go to app settings and you click up there and gives a search like google will already find all the apps you go have to go one by one and give permission for everything to be careful because there is application that has to give permission for more than one thing and even if you later don’t want to give permission for all things you go there and take this permission but now in this part you They have to allow everything. Well after you broke up, just go to the lz play clicks when you open there goes it’s all in Chinese but you don’t have to worry put it on and then you wait a while and you’ll see that it’s all full of exclamation don’t no matter why these apps we already installed so you don’t have to touch anything else inside just get out of the app no need to press that blue button ok? and now you go there and restart your phone as soon as you restart your phone it will be ready for you to use all google apps but in my case I’ll have to cut the video a little bit because I need install vpn to run everything good people now is the time for truth who not yet subscribed please subscribe don’t forget to activate the bell Notifications to help me and I help you. You saw here that I i joined google play it’s really working i’m going put here to download youtube so you can see that I’m not lying that the business is really working is that it can download the applications and can install on mobile. Now that we have installed app I will run here so you can see that it’s working you can see here the normal youtube app I will put here on my channel put a video to run a video runs normally you can use the normal google application at least on youtube I’ll try to use one more app just to have sure ok? I will enter here in google play and I will search that google chrome which is to make sure the google app really I’ll put here to download and install and now we’ll see if really it works all google apps ain’t almost finished installing here and now let’s open the application and you you can see what at least it opened right I’ll agree here. I do not want that sync my account for now and we’ll do a search like that as well basic quickie I’ll put here if me to see what think and to see if it’s really working and you can notice that really found it so you can buy a cell phone that you can get install the applications however we are not sure until when this method will work then you better not even sooner Well, we thought the method was super easy. and for those who wanted to buy without a cell phone that is wonderful you still haven’t seen their review I’ll leave that on the card too because this phone we it’s a wonder it’s really worth it so you haven’t seen the video yet czech that’s worth it and now that we know we’ll be able to install same and run all his google apps people need have no doubt when buying this device here. Good people if you are not subscribed by please subscribe don’t forget to help me by sharing this video leaving like and leaving comments. Guys a great kiss a great week and I see you the next video op Yup the amm the amm 1