Remember our Japanese Stationery You Didn’t Know You Needed series? We’re bringing it back with this bonus video on our top ten supplies that will keep your planner organized and easy to use. Let’s get started. Accessories The adorable Beverly Harupo Pocket Stickers are perfect for on-the-go planning. Simply peel off the backing and stick them to your planner. They’re just the right size for storing page flags, stickers, and other planner essentials. The Kokuyo Gloo’s unique shape makes applying glue a breeze. The square stick fits neatly into sharp corners. It comes in white or disappearing blue so
you can see exactly where you’re gluing. The Nakabayashi Magnetic Bookmark Ruler is a handy addition to any planner. The flexible magnetic strip is printed with
a centimeter ruler to draw lines with ease. Once you’re done, you can fold it over the page as a bookmark! Using these Nombre stamps is an easy way to save time while planning! You can make note of weekly habits and daily schedules with the header stamps. There’s even a stamp to make a monthly calendar! Pens The Pilot Acroball White Line isn’t your
average ballpoint multi pen. The Acroball ink combines the best of gel and ballpoint pens for vivid, smooth writing. Plus, this pen has a correction tape dispenser on one end so you can fix mistakes with ease. We can’t get enough of the colorful Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot Markers. They’re double-sided with a hard plastic nib on one side and a squishy round dot tip on the other. The dot tip is extremely versatile — in addition to making dots of various sizes you can also change the pressure as you write to create expressive brush-like strokes. It’s great for making little doodles, header
embellishments, or just to highlight important dates in your calendar! Stickers and Sticky Notes If you love using your planner like a scrapbook, you’ll need the Kokuyo Choi+ Sheet Connecting Stickers. These charming stickers let you neatly attach ticket stubs and other mementos without taking up space on the page. For an easy way to keep track of your habits, check out the Midori Journal Sticky Notes. Each note is pre-printed with the days of
the month. Just stick them on the page and bubble in the dates! Don’t track habits? Midori makes other sticky notes to organize your planner, like daily and weekly logs! For ever-changing plans, these Midori Writing Marker Monthly Block Sticky Notes keep your planner neat and organized! They fit in the squares of monthly planners or calendars and are repositionable so you can always move an event to a different day. You can turn any surface into a month at a glance with the Stalogy Calendar Stickers! Each sticker features an undated monthly calendar with space for extra notes. It’s easy to peel off and restick wherever
you need it to go. Would you use any of these items in your planner? Let us know in the comments below! You can find all of these planner supplies and more at Thanks for watching!