– A rare treat, I am
at Costco with no kids. I went out this afternoon to
see one of my best girlfriends I haven’t seen her in like three months, you know how time gets away from you. So this afternoon everything
just lined up, we were able to get together at
Panera for a few hours and now I’m at Costco doing our
Thanksgiving grocery haul. Look at that. A true Belgian waffle maker, oh and you pour a mix in the top. These water bottles look like they were just meant to live in our forest. I know someone who’d
be interested in this. Wow, this thing is huge. So that’s a Kid Kraft and
it’s 149, Paw Patrol yes. Oh, snap. I know someone who’d be
very interested in that. Here’s how my cart is looking
at the moment and then I am going to get this
and stash it in somebody’s birthday pile that’s
coming up in a few weeks. The bad part about being out
shopping alone at Costco, is I don’t have any helpers
to unload all of this stuff. Here’s the Costco cart. So this is my Thanksgiving Costco haul, lots of good things coming up. These blackberries were 3.49
for 12 ounces, I was thrilled with those and then these raspberries were 3.99 for 12 ounces so I got two of each. This twin pack of these
King’s Hawaiian rolls were 4.99 for total, then
I got two of these big bags of fresh cranberries. I have some Thanksgiving
recipes I’m going to be doing here on YouTube, and
so not only is this for my family’s Thanksgiving but
it’s for recipe purposes also. We are going to do fresh cranberry
sauce in the slow cooker. So be on the lookout for that. These cranberries were
2.99 each, and look it even says buy two, freeze one, yay. Definitely gonna enjoy that. I got a pack of these Baby bel cheeses, these are great for a quick
snack when we need them and then I really enjoyed
this fresh mozzarella snacking cheese last time we had it. Also, my friend Sarah,
we all know Sarah over on Our Tribe of Many, she
roasts Brussels sprouts, and I thought I want to do
that too, so I got two packs of Brussels sprouts and
Sarah you can tell us in the comments there how you
do those, I know you have it up over on your channel. Let’s see we got these big,
big, nice big tub of tomatoes, and yeah two pounds of tomatoes. Amelia absolutely loves
these, she’ll eat them as if they’re strawberries or something. The tomatoes were 5.99 for two pounds. I got two big containers of
sour cream, I got one quart of heavy whipping cream and
then I got the three pack of the Cool Whip, because it
just makes and I guess it’s not technically Cool Whip
brand, it’s Land O’Lakes whipped light cream, two
tablespoons is one carb, got the three pack
because, ’tis the season. Then I like these dips at
Costco, I love this Greek style yogurt dip, I just can eat
that myself I feel like. And then of course good
ol’ hummus, we haven’t had hummus in a while, the kids
will really enjoy that. I got a big bag of baby carrots,
these, yeah five pound bag, because I know baby carrots
are the little runts of what’s left off of the big carrots,
however I don’t have time, and Travis doesn’t have time this week, to peel down a big bag of big carrots. So this is mama cuttin’ a corner. I got a three pound block of cream cheese. This big thing of cream cheese
was 7.49, we have some bagels in the freezer, I thought
some of our upcoming breakfast for the kids can quickly
be bagels and cream cheese. Six pound bag of pears, so
that was 6.99 for this bag, then ok, so back here I got
two big things of butter also kid wise ’cause we’ve got
snacks and treats coming up, I got this big box, this
was like $10.49 for this triple chocolate brownies. I also got one of those big
Costco boxes of Cheez-Its, two bags, this was with my
teen boys in mind, I know, you know, the kids will just
like some Cheez-Its, you know I don’t like work hard to keep
those kind of snacks around here but everyone needs some
Cheez-Its once in a while. Got a big bag of baking
semi-sweet chocolate chips for chocolate chip cookies and other goodies that’ll be coming up. Also, I got two of their big
cases of Stove Top stuffing. More of their cheese, there’s
mozzarella, I got ten pounds total, I only have a use for
about five pounds of it, but I like to have more, you
know shredded cheese is always freezable. I also got five pounds of
the mild cheddar cheese and this was 12.99, and then
a whole lot of potatoes, this is the big 15 pound bag. I got two bags because
there is a lot of homemade mashed potatoes in our future. And then, oh I hate having
to buy these big things of string cheese at Costco
because man when Sharp Shopper gets it, it’s quite a deal. These were 48 sticks in a
pack and these were 8.99 each. And that was 7.99 for
each pack of five dozen, I got ten dozen total. I also got, we have not
had chocolate milk mix in months and months and
months, so I got a big thing of chocolate milk mix, we’ll
see how long that lasts. Got some thin spaghetti for
a leftover turkey recipe I’m going to be doing and
that’ll be a video I’ll have coming out here too, just giving ideas on what to do with leftover turkey. And, speaking of turkeys I
got two, big ol’ turkeys. I believe each of these were .99 a pound, so this one was 18.31
and this one was 18.46 and I know that for
Thanksgiving when you can hunt the deals and the specials
and I’ve gotten turkeys for .35 a pound and .69 a
pound but I was at Costco, there we go .99 a pound
was a deal for me tonight. So, total for this haul I
came out a little over $320, that’s for a whole lot of
food items before me, for Thanksgiving, let me see
here, we’ve got our family of ten, 12, 13, we’ll
have somewhere between 14 and 15 people total for Thanksgiving. Also, some of the things in
this haul are for additional holiday baking, a few
things are for extra like fresh fruits and veggies
snacks for the week and a bunch of the shredded cheeses
we are baking and I’ll have a video coming out on this soon
too, but our church is doing a Thanksgiving meal for those
in need and those who may not have family or friends to
go do Thanksgiving with. So my little job in that
is I’m gonna do a bunch of pans of baked macaroni and cheese. So that’s what a lot of this
butter and shredded cheese is for, and I’ll have a video
coming out soon, another Let’s make macaroni and
cheese with Jamerrill video. Click here to keep on
watching my super fun, discount grocery hauls.