Hi guys welcome to my channel. Today’s video will be a video where I will try to share with you.. somethings that We do here to try to save some money on groceries. If you are new here, WELCOME! My name is Jú. I am filming from the Netherlands. And for those who are always coming back, thank you and God bless you all. And I would like to invite… all of you who are new here to consider to subscribe to my channel. and if you like the video please give it a thumbs up. Then YouTube will suggest the channel to other people. Now I will share with you some tips, things that I do. I am sharing what I think it’s good. But if you have some other tips, please comment it down below, so we can talk about it and so help each other. No let’s move to the video. So guys, for weekly groceries, We use this discount flyers. and based to this I try to make my weekly menus. Other thing that I do is to check what I have in my my pantry I call it shopping at Home, before going to the supermarket. So I check what I have at home, what I can use for my menu or not. And… Then I make my groceries list. and I also use this moment to reorganize and clean my pantry, and check all the shelf life. It’s also good to have a determinate monthly budget for your groceries. What we do is to save all the receipt from the supermarket. from the groceries to see how much we spend every month. and for the storage groceries Where I show my monthly groceries, what I have as backup we also have an amount that we try to spend on it Sometime we a little bit more, but we try to not to exaggerate. and this helps. Some people prefer to pay cash We prefer to buy with bank( pin) We have a bank account that’s only for the groceries. So at the end of the month when we get paid. we already have a idea of what monthly we spend So we take this amount, and a little bit more. and we transfer it to the groceries bank account. Another thing that I try to avoid is to go do my groceries when my stomach is empty. Because I noticed that whatever I go shopping when I hungry, I end up buying cookies and start eating in the car before I get home. So it’s recommended to eat before going shopping, to avoid unnecessary costs. I know for us mothers with little kids, it’s difficult to go shopping without them. What we try to do is to go shopping when the kids are at school. and when the kids are at home only one of us(my partner or me) goes shopping. We make the list together and one of us goes shopping. We normally prefer to go together. me and hubby so we can think, because two brains thinking is better than one Hubby is very quick in calculating the prices. and this helps a lot. If you can leave them at home(with someone). Leave them at home. Because kids also make you buy unnecessary things. And also they can make you stay longer in the stores the longer you stays in the stores, the more the chance to buy stuffs that you didn’t have on your list. It’s also important to have an idea of how long you want to spend in the supermarket Just like I said, often when we take kids we us we end up staying longer at the stores and buy what we were not planning. Even when you goes alone or with your partner. It’s important to have in mind how much time you want to spend on your groceries. to prevent you from deviating from your list and ending up, spending more that you previously planned. Sometimes we think buying generic products is not good. like, for example buying a mona yogurt is better than buying a Lidl or jumbo yogurt brand. Most of the time it’s just a brand. you pay a bit more because of the brand of this product. Sometimes it’s good to try generic products. To compare it with other brands So you can have a idea, because you can save money buying generic products. So guys I told you that we do week…. groceries We do monthly and weekly groceries. We mostly go twice to the stores. to buy vegetables. But in general we try to avoid going often to the supermarket. because the more you go the more you will buy. And talking about things on sale. What you can also do is to buy things like toilet paper kitchen paper towels products in cans drinks When it’s on sale, of course you can take your opportunity to buy them and store it at home. Because they are products with a very long shelf-life Than you can store for very long. At that moment you will be spending more. But on other weeks you will not need to buy those products because you already have it at home. So it’s good to use the sale this way. But, you also will need to have self control to not to use all the stuffs very quick. You will need to use it carefully so you not end up very quick without the products and money. Above all, you will need to be very disciplined. Otherwise you will not be able to focus on your list. You will not be able spend only the time that you determined for your shopping. And you will not be able to stay on your budget. And this requests a lot of practicing. The more you practice the better you will become. So this is how we do it at home. We all want to save money. We all want to eat well. And sometimes with a good planning We can save on our costs and eat well. So guys here is our grocery haul. And I already put together all the combinations a need for this week Today I am alone with Christiaan (for the dinner), so we will make borritos. This is what I am going to need. And tomorrow hubby will be at home, so I want to make cauliflower with this meat. And here I want to make chicken madras, it’s a Indian food. Today is Wednesday. So Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. On Saturday I will be alone with Christiaan. so we will make fish with potatoes. We paid way more for this grocery because of the cocacola. I will leave the price here. We bought, chocolate milk. It was pay one one for free. We bought milk. I have more fish here. Cheese. Salad, hubby love it. red powder paprika. We already have a lot of fruit at home. but because Christiaan loves grapes, so buy bought it. Now, this is my favorite biscuits. the rice waffles. You all know it. and bread. And we also have here Taco’s and lassagnetta And here I have kitchen paper towels. It’s almost done. and hubby’s favorite drink. the green tea. So the grocery guy is here, and I wanted to ask him what’s his golden tip for us? for you? yes. Golden tip? Flyers. We receive it every week. From different stores. lojas (stores) Right? yes. Lojas. And they have different offers. 1+ 1 for free We dutch people love free things. and this way you can save some money And usually they are offers of A brands, that normally are expensive. Yes that’s true. Okay, good. Thank you sir. You welcome. This was today’s video. I hope you like it. God bless you all. A kiss Bye until next time.