Village in Poland ROKITNO (South West Poland) I have 18 hectars farm We have cattle for meet And cows for milk We grow small cows and later sell it Majority we have grassland We mow it And rest of land we do for maize and other crops I was on second Sunday in September In Charsznice Village on fairs I was there to see what is going on And there were tractors I saw Arbos Tractor First I sit in it I watch and talked to seller Korbanek I talked about this tractor When I sit in it I knew I buy it I liked so much Arbos It has 110 HP There were differend tractors brand but there was Deutz fahr John Deere Ursus and ARBOS I watched all those tractors but I was estonished only by Arbos Arbos will be used to cut the grass for plowing for carrying animal fertilizer I have some equipment and will do with it what I will need to do I choose Arbos Global because it is simple mechanical tractor I wanted to have simple mechanical one I don’t like electric tractors It will be cheaper in service And it has good purchase price it is really good price I am also first with this tractor in area of 100 km radious I am owner of this Arbos tractor for 2 hours 🙂 I hope I will have no problem with it