A peculiar mart These are all that was ripped and eaten PD : Ate them? / Yes, only leaves the heads like this always Lead1 – Only eats good food I took a glance like this I got scared Lead2 – Summer’s almost over but it’s scary~ Oh something’s here / Came out You can see (the cat) right? What everyone is thinking is correct Hey, young boss Act like a cat owner She’s been doing this almost every day for the past 3 months Peculiar, Very much so! There’s no entrance Can’t even see a mouse hole I don’t know where she comes through, feel like going crazy “Everyone you can get off work” “I must catch this rascal” Jinx, Came in! A regular customer, Hey everyone hello? Uh what’s this?! Is this the first time you’re seeing a cat inside storage lol Moves~ Ate too much, Got stuck cause of fat belly lol Moves Moves Ms. Cat has entered. Ms. Cat has entered.
Awe How did she come out? Wah~ Yes. Because she’s me^^ Found the target Heave-ho Today’s menu, Pork tenderloin Yum yum Yum yum Jump For calcium, definitely anchovies “Oi PD stop filming, I’m tryna eat” Yum yum Yum yum I’m leaving after eating well What? Oh Oh what I’m surprised What what’s this (Actual situation) This, this, who’s this? Cats also two of them! This house is good Excuse me~ I’m buying on credit~ These rascals! (Real frustration) (The cat) is there! (If caught she’ll die) (U turn! It’s a blocked road) That’s how Into the darkness they.. The next day Ah there~ The cat’s final path to the mart.mov That’s the hole that (the cat) comes through (Actual situation)
Look there there there isn’t that (the cat)? Where? The mafia’s night has returned Oh got squarely caught Nearby restaurant Nearby restaurant The cat’s there, there Ah the cat’s here? It’s not me DEFINITELY IS Ah the cat lives here? / Cat owner : Yes she lives here (Meat that was bought at that mart) Du mb found ed Eats well.. Cat owner : There’re 4 kittens, they were born recently There’re even kittens?
Cat owner : There’re 4 kittens, they were born recently Got the absolute right Cute (Hah)Can only laugh Will do fact check~ Oh oh she’s really Yang That’s correct You had no idea? Had no idea Cat owner : This area has a lot of one rooms, since it’s near a university I wondered if she was abandoned because it was too hard to raise her (Upset) She was an abandoned cat Even in my cat life where I was just wandering a flower bloomed Then what about this cat..? A friend, friend (A neighbour friend)
Follows friend to the mart Shouldn’t she live in jail for like 3 years? Freed with admonition thanks to the kittens These thankful babies I think I’m going with good memories Since she’s near, I plan to take good care of her like a second owner Yang, eat a lot and be healthy~