Hello! This is Sini I’m Siwon Today today today~ Today I’m gonna hold the DdingSini bazaar I decided to hold a bazaar with Yangdding she suggesting holding one and we both have some clothes that we don’t wear so we decided to sell those and donate the profits We are doing it near the Suwon station (Yangdding’s store )which is pretty far from my place. so we will go to the Suwon station now and get ready DdingSini Bazaar Vlog! I’m going to Kkangjeong market (Luna – an employee at the Kkangjeong market – came to pick us up) I braided my hair today It’s been a long time Siwon’s gonna sell soem BTS goods Are you not a fan of BTS anymore? No way! But why are you selling those? I have too many… Arrived at the Suwon Station! Hello Jjeong!! I almost died Hello! Do you remember me? He doesn’t bark This is the 4th floor in the Dding’s market It’s very hectic We have so many clothes to sell… We will organize and hang them Whose is this? ours? We had this jacket at home? I buy so many clothes but I don’t wear all of them I really hope everything gets sold out Me too I want this… It’s not that warm so cute! do I look nice? It doesn’t have pockets though Busy The weather’s ncie so I think we can do it outside Let’s sell some outside cuz many people are gonna come I have a unique pair of shoes I wanna take a look Where did you get those?? wow I think you can wear those These are small for me. My shoe size is 240-245 They look 230 Very supportive The weather’s so nice today It’s not cold at all Happy Plz be in my video Hi I’m embarrassed cuz that’s not my camera Did you not bleach your hair? I think Dding did oh yeah I bleahced her hair for her oh you did? yeah we bleach our hair by ourselves oh wow I don’t have to go to Ryeori’s hair salon anymore oh no Ryeori won’t like it I was awkward saying hi for Sini’s video plz say hi together cute Isn’t he so cute? oh this fits me perfectly -I gained weight so I cant’ wear this anymore – me too This is brand new I got this in NY I wore it twice These are BTS goods that Siwon brought Are you a fan of BTS? she has a lot at home… she brought just a few I really want to know if they are gonna be sold I think someone will buy them BTS fans would buy them yeah I think they will come It was very hard to buy them Sad Siwon Then why are you selling them? I have too many of those oh you have a lot? You might wonder whether Siwon’s not a fan anymore but nope yeah this is for Dding’s mom oh she will like it Her mom’s a fan of BTS We organized them! We’ve got a lot. There’s more inside We don’t have more hangers so we had to fold them Whenever, a hanger is available, we will hang them Dding has a lot of clothes It’s gonna be fun. We’re waiting hand not interested Do it this way Like this? hand hand! come here Have to take a pic Looking very nice We are open! What style do you prefer? I want a cardigan cardigan? knitted cardigan? This is a cardigan but it’s kinda short we have other cardigans too You can mess them up. We will fold them later We got this You guys are persuading me to buy Let’s fold them back Are you pressuring her? You said you could mess them up but you are folding them again right next to her? no no don’t get me wrong welcome! Gradually, more peopel came! There’s her camera say hi embarrassed Hi! I’m Daju She’s Daju. When did you come? Hello~ Seonang plz recommend me some clothes I look sexy, right? This is super low cut I will wear something inside I have my own weapon too what is this? plz push this push? yea Turn? hold and turn it pull I love you Sini! so impressed She got into a college after watching my vids Congrats!! checking Sini Aren’t they so cute??? Hello~~~ From 3pm to 8pm so many people came Random samgyeopsal we forgot to bring our camera from the store and came to eat The market was very successful! How was it today? It was good You sold a lot of your BTS goods very satisfied Forgot the name of this place but the fried rice was sooo good looking good Those who live in Suwon… plz tell me the name of this place if you know My camera, how have you been? I was so hungry that I left you here How was it? Tired She made a lot of profits I made three times more than she did cuz I have 4 times more clothes than you have I had another box today We sold most of our winter clothes but not many people bought our summer clothes we are talking two different things Anyway we had fun Let’s do this again sounds good What should we sell next time? Food? Desserts? But it might be against the food hygiene regulations oh you’re right yeah so let’s check We will check that and hold another one with different people. Anyway it was fun This is the end of our Bazaar! my childhood toys My parents didn’t want me to play with this but they are still selling it so I guess it’s fine This is too hard I wanna try it You see this? I wanted to count 3… oh well Thanks for coming to our Bazaar! We will donate the profits to a philanthropic organization! I will make sure I upload the certificate on my Ig Thanks for watching til the end! Bye!