how much the ox tail ? 28 kuai for 500g can you come down a bit? 27kuai for 500g? 170kuai in total. that’s a lot hello , this is Xiajie . this is the ox-tail I bought in the county very expensive only one costs 170 kuai chop the tail the bone is so hard chop with the ax Lining(name) fetch an ax hurry up chopped in one go finished clean the tail now Lining burn the firewood blanch the tail add spring onions and gingers cooking wine take out the tail and wash again oil in. put some rock sugar to caramelize add 1 teaspoon of chilli soy paste once the sugar bubble up 1 tablespoon of chilli sauce add spring onions , dry chillies and flower peppers star anise, cinnamon and bay leaves Fry to release the flavour and add the tail add some dark soy sauce boiling water in some white spirit salt cover the lid braise the tail it’s ready to serve you are so early today I follow the fragrance so delicious you love meat beautiful the photographer is watering the red-braised ox-tail is done it smells incredible eat Liangliang (name ) .the lunch is ready I have long drooled over it I can see that hurry up so beautiful let me try it grap your chopsticks I can smell the fragrance over there can’t wait any longer you guys always come first when there is meat hold the same spirit in your job I though there was little meat in the tail so much meat the same price as the ox-ribs so much meat another piece of meat so delicious wonderful I am watering just looking the way you eat so delicious a big piece of meat two or three pieces will feed you yes. there is meat all over it grab the meat this is a first for me to eat ox-tail yummy I have eaten it before but not as good as this I am the best,right ? yes. incredibly delicious drink some white spirit there is too much cheers eat the meat so chewy yes you take the one that I want refill the wine less for me cheers the wine is so hot you can eat bowls of rice with a delicious dish both of you have finished two bowls there is still much left one more piece that’s it for today please subscribe to my channel if you like me and give me your likes thanks for your watching see you in the next video