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I will also quickly let you know about a couple of my most popular and effective health solutions,
just in case you didn’t know they existed and that you may benefit from. If you want to use them because they’re
convenient and speed up your results in achieving your healthy goals, great. If you don’t want to – no problem because
today I’ll also give you links to my most popular YouTube videos about today’s health
solutions – simple life-style changes that will cost you no money. With that said, today’s focus is on Weight
Loss and Fat Burning The truth is, No matter what health concerns
you may be dealing with – losing unwanted fat (especially that ugly belly fat) will
almost always improve your health,
give your more energy, make your feel and LOOK better
and allow you to live longer. It honestly is one of the best “cure-alls” Which brings me to Lean Optimizer
This herbal supplement works by optimizing your fat burning hormones and basically, turning
ON your fat burning “genes” like when you were younger or like people who are always
naturally “lean” due to their genetics. It works by
Reducing Your Appetite – especially sugar cravings – which is always a major problem
with everyone trying to lose weight. It increases your metabolism – which is a
problem for all of us as we age, things just slow down, which makes losing weight a struggle. Most importantly and the biggest reason Lean
Optimizer’s 20 year old formula is so effective and powerful, it that it helps optimize your
fat burning hormones by — decreasing the “bad”, such as Cortisol,
Ghrelin and Insulin — increasing the “good”, such as Thyroid,
Leptin and Adiponectin This is all done naturally because Lean Optimizer
works WITH your body so you continue to burn fat long-term, while preserving valuable muscle. Remember, the biggest problem with losing
“weight” is most people end up losing water and valuable muscle, not fat. As you may or may not know, my background
is in endocrinology, which is the study of hormones – so I’m an “expert” about
this topic and this is why Lean Optimizer has such a long and proven track record. Again, if you don’t want to try Lean Optimizer,
no problem. Below in the description area, I also have
a link to one of my YouTube videos – The Real Secret To Permanent Fat Loss Finally, I have a really cool weight loss
solution called, CHEATmeals. It works differently than Lean Optimizer and
most people use them together. This is because CHEATmeals helps block sugars,
carbs and bad fats from the meals you eat. What doesn’t get absorbed, simply goes out
into the toilet and doesn’t turn into body fat. I use this mainly when I go out to eat, parties,
restaurants, holiday events and basically, all of these times when it’s hard to eat
really well and you know the foods you’re going to eat, are filled with too much sugar,
carbs, fats and CALORIES. CHEATmeals helps block about 30% of the calories
from these “cheat” meals as I call them. Additionally, CHEATmeals contains unique fibers
to also help keep you “regular” – for anyone concerned about colon health or deals
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