now is 2.15 am 4 AM 5 AM SOOOO CHEEEAAAPPP I can buy all this for under 200 baht! I’m going to buy A LOTTTTTTTTT!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! hello my social media pals as you see on the title of this clip I will take you to Sumpeng night market! because I took you guys to the day session of
Sumpeng already I was so excited because everything is so cheap but this one is even more aroused because I’ve never been to the night session before and I’ve been told that everything is even cheaper!!! I just can’t wait to be there already so I need just a little make up before we go because I just recieved this “Maybeline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation” from Maybeline My shade is #128 warm nude so today we are going to do a little test about how it works for oil controlling because this product is well known in the US about their oil controlling formula ok I’m going to apply this with a sponge the colour fit my skintone very well this thing has got a light texture but with a very good coverage can you see the different? all the redness are covered my skin looks very smooth what do you think? my look today will seem a little boyish because Sumpeng night market is pretty hot especially when it’s late at night if there are no wind it’s gonna be very stuffy that’s why we need a good long wearing foundation oh I really like how my skin looks for all the little dark spots we can double up the layer to cover them up like this then don’t forget our neck I’m going to use a brush for the neck area the coverage of this foundation is similar to
“Maybeline Fit Me Foundation” but it gave me a lighter feelings and the texture is less sticky than “Fit Me” then I will apply the concealer just a little because if I go with a dark circle on my eyes at night I could scare other people this is good draw on some contour and blush then a little more hilights don’t put too much because
we want to see how the oil control thing works and then nose shaping now it’s eyebrows time today I will fill my brows up with eyeshadow only because I want this look to be soft now I will use mascara to give my eyebrow a little touch this is the new mascara from Maybeline “Maybeline The Magnum Big Shot Volume Express” wow! volume express!! for the new mascara when you use it for your brows don’t forget to clear the excessed product off on a piece of tissue paper so you won’t get too much product on your applicator then just coat it on!! because today I want a long wearing look so I will use
Maybeline Super Stay Matte Ink #75 for my eyes make up instead of eyeshadow this thing gives out a very nice colour pigment an orangey brown tone also the lower lash line a hint of hilight on the inner corner a fine line of eyeliner for a sweet eye don’t forget the upper waterline after that is lipstick time! I will use the same colour Maybeline Super Stay Matte Ink #75 but I will apply just a little touch on my lips so it won’t look too strong coat on a my lashes with mascara with Maybeline Magnum Big Shot Volume Express Ok, done!!
I’m ready for Sumpeng Night Market!! HERE WE ARE AT SUMPENG!!! all these lights made me feel so satisfy because it’s already 1.44 AM it’s a time that I couldn’t imagine that there will be any shop that’s still open for us but they are still open! all the TUK TUK are still available too let’s go! I want this (~.~) this thing it’s a hair clip a mix of any 12 pairs 15 baht for each pair for the wholesale price Amy and Archita really love this trend recently soo cuteee (>>>I can buy all this for under 200 baht! I’m going to buy A LOTTTTTTT especially those SQUISHY!! HA HA HA HA HA DONE! look at these giraffes SQUISHY!!!! (>w