every thing about Turkey hey guys here we are again today I’ll take you to cheapest 5 bazaars in Turkey so , let’s go 5th place yabancilar bazaar ( foreigners bazaar ) / city of Samsun welcome my dear friends in the beautiful city of Samsun in the north of Turkey we’ll walk around one of the cheapest shopping centers It is one of the most favorable destinations in the city it’s a huge market contains all kinds of goods merchandises everything here is cheap it is totally organised and arranged everything has its specified position and very nice prices it is very clean and wide frequent buyers all the day let’s wander and watch how beautiful it is dear friends it is important to say that prices in samsun are iow maybe because of the lack of tourists as compared to other cities perhaps it is one of the reasons however the city seems perfect it’s infrastructure is modern it is more sophisticated than trabzon in this sector prices lower than those of the neighbor city of Trabzon though it is really cheap here for all kinds of clothes and other goods as compared to the big cities I recommend visiting this city and shopping from this bazaar it is unique the city is unique also let’s walk around before we move to the 4th place in fourth place the grand bazaar of Bursa welcome to Bursa my friends here are so many markets sprawling place it is old and historical bazaar built since 1300s when Bursa was the capital of Ottomans before Istanbul really huge market everything sold here Gold , Silver , Fabrics , all kinds of clothes , furniture and many more but what distinguishes the markets of Bursa is Silk Silk products here is the furniture and housewares Silk is the best Thing to buy from this city here are the best types of natural silk it is exported to other places from here Prices reasonable here especially silk prices much cheaper than other places many come here to buy silk products fabrics , dresses and many more everything here is nice and low priced you can find a lot of special things here jewelry , rosaries and classical Turkish handcrafts you can find everything in this bazaar , believe me Do you want to stay in Bursa? or move to third place let’s move to 3rd place in 3rd place is Fatih bazaar in Istanbul beside the great masjid of Al-Fatih one of best buildings in Istanbul and in this old and highly crowded quarter this great bazaar is located it is the biggest in Istanbul it is sprawling bazaar You may wonder why I didn’t put it in the first place I’ll answer when we get to the first place let’s stay here now in Fatih bazaar it is big , crowded and contains everything all kinds of merchandises especially clothes you know Turkey is the capital of clothes and this bazaar is the capital of cheap clothes in Turkey very cheap and nice dresses and everyone who visited this place know that wandering here is very fun it is a famous bazaar for it’s good prices and atmosphere I would highly recommend visiting it to complete the pleasure of visiting Istanbul in 2nd place comes Moloz bazaar in the city of Trabzon Moloz bazaar / Trabzon this section is dedicated for fabrics in all kinds clothes and curtains handcrafts It is so crowded that’s a little bit hard to show everything Nothing compares to Trabzon in her beauty Nature and bazaars also A fabulous market contains everything you can find all what you want to buy here prices are cheap and spaces are vast It consists of several markets linked together it is one of the best of its kind in Turkey called Moloz or Trabzon grand Bazaar consists of several specialized markets like food markets, clothes, cooper, furniture and many more even if you do not intend to buy just walking here is a great fun nice bazaar in a very beautiful city special merchandises cleanliness at the highest level Frankly , everything special here prices cheaper than big shopping centers But it’s quality is high at the same time the bazaar is diverse shoes, watches, accessories Wedding suits, childrens clothing, mens and womens clothing it is worth mentioning that in Trabzon unlike big cities all around the world you will not be afraid of theft or pickpockets nothing like that at all it is quite safe here better than big cities in this area very nice wedding suits scarves Now prepare for the first place my friends Dear friends in the first place comes Findikzade bazaar ( Friday bazaar ) In Istanbul here is findikzade bazaar of Istanbul or Friday market in fidikzade district It is as huge as you see The main reason why I’ve put in the 1st place instead of Fatih bazaar is it’s proximity to the most important tramway line in Istanbul kabatash _ bagcilar line which makes it so easy to access it just take the tram and get off at findikzade station then you are in the bazaar so crowded but it is of the cheapest in Turkey that’s why it is crowded as you see friends prices signs show that the prices are very low I don’t recommend rushing to buy just because of the low price I advise you to search some would criticise these bazaars for their lack of quality others are buying heavily because of low prices in my opinion Password is the good search for what you really need you will find many options here some patience is enough to choose the best among them things with good quality and reasonable price I bought a lot of goodies from here just be patient and keep searching the piece is 5 lira here and 3 pieces for 10 lira here really low prices as I said We should find the best You also must pay attention to your pockets so as not to lose everything Vendors’ voices this bazaar is full of tourist from all around the world shopping lovers from everywhere neverending goods clothes of all types and at the cheapest prices this is where our tour ended I hope you have been enjoyed it to stay connected with our new videos It will be an honor for me to subscribe to my channel Accept my sincere greetings